The faculty of MCA in Dr. C.S.Rao P.G.Centre, Sri Y.N.College was introduced in the year 1992-93. It began as part of the P.G.Courses, under Headship of Dr. N.Chinta Rao Director. This course was inaugurated by Dr.Allam Apparao, former Vice Chancellor, Adikavi Nannaya University. At inauguration time he was Head of Department, Dept of C.S.E, Andhra University. The eminent persons who had visited department Prof. Pratap V.Reddy, HOD, Rochester Institute of Technology, USA and Dr. Allam Apparao. The other Professors Dr. G. Padmaraju, Dr. Y.S.S.R. Murthy and Dr. R. PardhasaradhiVarma had been frequently visiting the department.
Mr. P.W.SyamBabu is designated as Head of the department of MCA. At present the department is enriched with competent faculty who are highly qualified, the present faculty members are doing their best to keep up their good work and also adapting themselves to the fast changing trends in Computer Applications in tune with the growing demand of computer applications for all successful careers. The encouragement and guidance of the college management and other departments was always there for helping for overall development of the department. We have successfully sent 21 batches from our MCA department. Many of our Alumni are working across the globe.
As per Andhra University regulations, semester system is followed in the MCA programme. MCA Course consists of 6 semesters and each semester is having 5 theory and 2 practical papers.The 6 semester contains Project work. Grading system is followed in which each paper has 4 credits based on the marks obtained O,A,B,C,D,E Grades are awarded for each paper. SGPA and CGPA are calculated at the end. In the year 2016-17 we have affiliated to Adikavi Nannaya University. Approved intake of department is 60 i.e in 3 years of MCA Course; we have an intake of 180. At present we are having the student strength as 107, MCA course fees is 30,000 Rs per Annum.

Present faculty and years of Service:

  • Mr. P.W.Syambabu, MCA, M.Tech., 18 Years
  • Mr.P.D.V.N.Kumar, MCA, M.Tech., 17 Years 2 Yrs Industry
  • Mr.K. S.Chakravarthy, MCA 12 Years
  • Miss. Ch.Lakshmi , MSc,M.Tech 12 Years
  • Mr. G.Kiran varma , MCA, M.Sc(Chemistry).,M.Tech 9 years 5.5 Yrs Industry
  • Miss. K.R.Sravanthi , MCA, M.Tech 3 Years


  • Total Computer Science Textbooks are 6,816 And We are subscribed with 7 Computer Science international journals, 9 Computer science national journals and magazines in the PG library.
  • The department of MCA is having well established laboratory facilities with broad band internet connection of 2 Mbps speed and staff room. The department consists of Four Laboratories., one computer organization lab and three application programming Labs consists of 92 systems to conduct practical classes.
  • Computer Lab-1 consists of 23 Systems having the following Configuration RAM: 2 GB, HDD: 300 GB, Processor: Core2 Duo (2.33GHz)
  • Computer Lab-22 consists of 26 Systems having the following Configuration RAM: 2 GB, HDD: 500 GB, Processor: Core2 Duo (2.93GHz)
  • Computer Lab-33 consists of 43 CRT Systems.


  • Department has Five M.Tech Degree holders in the Faculty. The Department is conducting a Certificate Course in Web Designing to Degree Students by Miss K.R.Sravanthi. Mr. G.Kiran Varma and Mrs. Ch.Lakshmi participated as resource persons in D.N.R. Govt. Degree College for women, Palakol. Mr. P.D.V.N.Kumar published a paper in International E-Journal of Latest Trends in Engineering & Technology.
  • We have MOU with a leading company: TESSOLVE (Tessolve Semiconductor Pvt. Ltd.) Bangalore. Three students were selected for Wipro Technologies, Bangalore in year of 2016.
  • Members of faculty had been participating in national and state level seminars. And also participating in social services like blood donation, distribution of commodities to poor people.
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