The present Management is an amalgamation of Doctors and Lawyers who have the ability,capability and amicability to scan through various issues for the diagnosis of lacunae and to solve the knotty problems through justice and fair play.

Due to the untiring efforts of present Secretary & Correspondent, Sri Chinimilli- Satyanarana Rao and his team in the Governing body, the college is progressing by leaps and bounds. A startling change could be seen in the college since nineties, which can be attributed to the Management. Thanks to the never- say -die – attitude of the present Management for its strategic planning and effective restructuring of the college by introducing Procedure, strengthening the infrastructure and Human Resources Development (HRD) through Faculty Improvement Programmers (FIP) there by attracting students from every nook and corner.

The horizontal and vertical expansion of the college is due to the unflagging enthusiasm of the present Management and which was well appreciated by laity and cognoscenti.

Sri K.S.Viswanadhan, IAS

Sub Collector,Narsapur, President (Ex-Officio)

Sri GVK Rama Rao

Vice - President

Dr C.Satyanrayana Rao

Secretary & correspondent

Sri P.Sri Rama Rao


Sri P.S. Raghurama Rao

GB Member

Sri K.Swamy Naidu

GB Member

Dr. A.Rama Satish

Joint Secretary

Sri K.V.Venkateswara Rao

GB Member

Sri Ch.Redappa Dhaveji

GB Member

Sri T.Venkateswara Rao

GB Member

Sri G.Sai Radha Krishna

GB Member

Sri C.V.V.S. Murthy

GB Member

Sri Balla Venkateswarlu

GB Member

Dr.C.Krishna Appaji

G.B.Member (Autonomous)

Sri Borusu Subba Rao

GB Member(Autonomous)