controller of examination

APV Appa Rao

Controller Of Examinations

Sri Y.N.College was granted autonomy for five years from the academic year 2007-2008 to 2012-2013. In the autonomy, semester system of Examinations was adopted. The ratio of distribution of internal and external evaluation shall be 25:75 for all papers including theory and practical.

Internal assessment: In each semester, two internal assessment tests are conducted each for 20 marks and average of these two tests shall be deemed as the marks obtained by the student in respective subjects in internal assessment tests. The remaining 5 marks are allotted on the basis of the candidate’s attendance in that subject as shown below.

S.NO Attendance percentage Marks to be awarded
1 70 – 74 and decimal there off  1
2 75 – 79 and decimal there off  2
3 80 – 84 and decimal there off  3
4 85 – 89 and decimal there off  4
5 90 and above   5

Credit/Grade system was introduced from the admitted batch of 2007-2008. The high lights of the system are as follows.

* The Degree course shall consist of 120 credits for the academic achievements and up to 10 extra credits may be awarded for co and extracurricular achievements.

Extra credits

NCC-B or C certificate / National camp participation / R.D camp / 1

Tala sainik / Nava sainik / Independence day camp.

1 NSS camp participation / Community service. 1
2 Blood donation.   1
3 Sports / Games at Inter-collegiate / University / State / National participation. 1
4 Cultural activities Inter-coolegiate / University / State / National participation 1
5 More than 90% attendance for Theory classes in all 3 years.     1
6 Project (other than the course work) / Seminar paper presentation 2

At University level / State level / National level / International level.

Certificate course (COP sponsored by UGC) or any other add on programme 2

Conducted by the Departments.

* Of the 120 credits, 30 credits shall be allotted for part-1. Foundation courses comprising English, Second language and General Foundation Courses like Indian Heritage & Culture, Science and Civilization, Environmental Studies and other, while 90 credits shall be allotted for Part-II or core subjects. Undergraduate programme workload & credit Allocation

2 hrs. / week   1 credit
2-3hrs. / week 1 credit
4-5hrs. / week   1 credit
6-7hrs. / week   1 credit

* Rules for passing the subjects

a) No pass minimum for Internal Examinations
b) Pass minimum for Internal and External evaluation put together shall be 35%
c) Pass minimum for external examinations shall be 35%
d) The student should pass in theory and practical separately to be declared as passed. * The student shall be awarded grades based on the marks secured on a six point scale as indicated below :

Grade Explanation % Aggregate Marks Grade Point
O   Out standing 85 and above 5
A Very good  75-84  4
B Good  60-74 3
C Average  45-59 2
D Pass 35-44 1
F Fail   <35 0

* The Provisional Certificates cum Consolidated Grade Sheet of the students will be
prepared and issued by Andhra University.
In V and VI Semesters, (III year degree) the students should pass in paper – III and paper IV separately by securing 27 out of 75 in each paper.

* Autonomous Examination Fee (For Regular / Supplementary Semester – End Exams.)

( Rs)
Degree (each Semester) Whole Examination fee for theory subjects  300
For each subject / paper(theory)        100
For two subjects / papers(theory)    200
For three or more than three theory subjects/papers per semester    300
Each practical    60
Revaluation of the answer script: each subject / paper.  300